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Le SWAGG des lémuriens en 12 photos

Le SWAGG des lémuriens en 12 photos

Les lémuriens, ces petits êtres stylés.

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Endangered Species Profile SCIENTIFIC NAME: Propithecus diadema. COMMON NAME: Diademed Sifaka. FOUND IN: Madagascar. IUCN REDLIST STATUS: Critically Endangered. LIFESPAN: 15+ years. QUICK FACTS: * Diurnal (active during the day) and arboreal (tree-dwelling) * Infanticide (killing of offspring) has been observed when new males enter a group * Herbivores – feeding on ripe fruits, seeds, flowers, and young leaves. ESTIMATED NUMBER LEFT IN THE WILD: Unknown, but rare and numbers are decreasing. ENDANGERED DUE TO: * Continued habitat destruction * Illegal hunting for food. WHAT WE CAN DO: * Diademed Sifakas are listed on CITES Appendix I, meaning it is illegal to trade this species or any part of it. Report any suspicious or illegal activity to local and international authorities. EEI recommends the Wildlife Witness App. * Do not hunt this species or eat it meat. * Support ethical, sustainable practices in Madagascar and Africa; buy only products that are certified sustainable, do not purchase anything that contains animal parts or products, and support reforestation and conservation efforts. PHOTO: Joel Sartore / @joelsartore #EndExtinctionIntl #EEI

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