Elle s’apelle Felana et elle participe à Miss Monde 2017

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Source : Miss World

Madagascar sera représenté à Miss Monde 2017.

La représentante de la Grande Île s’appelle Felana TIRINDRAZA, elle  a 19 ans et elle est étudiante en journalisme.

Felana parle malgache et français.

Voici sa bio officielle, en anglais :

« Felana is studying Journalism and would like to pursue a career in TV Journalism. Her sporting interests include basketball, high jump and petanque. She plays the guitar and has a special talent for dancing. Her proudest moment is when she assisted victims of a drought in Androy where there are currently one million people suffering from hunger. She would like to continue her work supporting those affected by the drought. Personal Motto: ‘If you can’t be a star in the sky, be a lamp at home. »